Multi-valued logic (MVL) is that logic which has two or more logic values. In complex digital circuits, MVL (mainly Ternary logic) offers several advantages over binary logic. Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor (CNTFET) technology is ideal to implement ternary logic circuits because of the threshold voltage of CNTFETs depends on the physical dimensions (chirality) of their channel. This work presents the implementation of a three-bit Ternary Prefix Adder using CNTFET technology. In this paper, a carry propagate-generate concept is used in order to implement the ternary prefix adder. A Kogge-Stone based prefix network is preferred for carry computation due to its high performance. A low power enoder is used for reducing the overall power of the adder. HSpice tool is chosen for designing this system. Simulation results show that there is a significant reduction in Power Delay Product (PDP) by 28 % compared to all other previous works.

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