The system of the solar chimney is one of the most applications used to harness solar energy to generate electricity. The solar chimney system is characterized by low efficiency, which requires exploring ways to enhance systems productivity. Also, System performance has been improved through developing the overall efficiency of these systems using a solar cell. The current study aims to integrate solar chimneys and solar cells in a hybrid system to achieve the desired goal of increasing the production of electric power. A pragmatic model of the Hybrid Solar Chimney framework was worked to examine the warm and electrical execution of the Solar Chimney. The Solar cell was utilized as a retentive dark surface for the base of the Solar Chimney. The study demonstrated that the warm effectiveness of the half breed PV/Solar Chimney framework was moderately high about (91%) in view of the nearness of glass spread, which does not permit the exit of daylight falling on the Solar authority, which prompts a higher temperature around 67 C. Also, the obtained data showed that the total electrical efficiency of the system is about (10.5%). Moreover, the collector inclination angle has an essential effect on the performance of the system, and the 45 ° angle was the best angle of performance for the angle values taken (30 °, 35 °, and 45 °).

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