This study proposed that rope skipping practice may develop cognitive functioning. Although initial data show that rope skipping improves short term memory (STM), high-resolution evidence about the type of STM sub-constructs, specifically maintenance and manipulation, is not available. Moreover, prove of memory enhancement as a result of rope skipping practice requires empirical examination. The aim of this study is to measure the impact of 8 weeks program on STM maintenance and manipulation. Measures of STM (Digit Span, Feature Match, Rotations and Polygons) were administered prior to commencement and 8th week of rope skipping (N = 11). Analyses revealed significant improvement from pre- to post-training assessment on maintenance STM (Digit Span and Feature Match) and manipulation STM (Rotation) but Polygon showed reduction in both male and female subjects. An 8 weeks program was associated with improvement on manipulation and maintenance STM measures. Additional research is needed to understand the extent of rope skipping related memory enhancement and mechanisms by which rope skipping may enhance memory, ideally by utilizing randomized controlled trials and more comprehensive neuropsychological batteries.

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