We have investigated the lattice distortions due to charge and size mismatch in complex oxides (La, Y)1-x(Te4+, Zr4+)xMnO3and its effect on elastic and thermal properties of these complex perovskite manganites. The revealed data on specific heat, thermal expansion, Debye temperature and Bulk modulus studied as a function of lattice distortions using a novel atomistic approach of Atom in Molecules(AIM) theory and Modified Rigid Ion Model (MRIM) are presented for some concentrations (x) of (La, Y)1-x(Te4+, Zr4+)xMnO3 in a wide temperature range. Studied compounds exhibit anomalous increase in Bulk modulus and Debye temperature with increase in doping concentration of tetravalent Te4+ and Zr4+cations at A-site. These compounds give us an unique opportunity to observe the effect of charge and size variance at A-site in perovskite structure without the effect of JT distortions due to occurrence of these compounds in Rhombohedra and hexagonal symmetry with high variance.

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