A study of structure, morphology, and dielectric/complex impedance spectroscopy of lead-free 0.94(Na0.50Bi0.50)Ti0.95V0.05O3-0.06BaTiO3 ceramics, prepared by a modified sol-gel process, is explored. Rietveld refinement of x-ray diffraction confirmed the rhombohedralR3c phase. Temperature-dependent dielectric studies showed the antiferroelectric to paraelectric phase transition at a temperature, Tm 287 °C. Complex impedance spectroscopy confirmed that the conductivity was found to increase from 1.8×10−8 Ω−1cm-1 (at 240 °C) to ∼2.6×10−5 Ω−1cm−1 (at 380 °C) with increasing temperature.

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