Carbon decide to form magneto-electrical pulse that might be stronger than that of all forces that has been discovered so far that stronger than that of electrostatic and van der Waals forces coming from electron and nuclei of interacting element. Overall performance has been reported earlier in our other literature published elsewhere previously. Provided the measurable quantity in protein system of living form, overall growth in other system found out to be phenomenal considering the fact of all interacting force coming out of carbon rule of law that has been found here in protein material for living cells that occupy central dogma of origin of life on earth that and all coming from carbon cob-web styled operation within the bulk of other elements that occupy simply space that of fundamental particles decided to hold structure of carbon appropriately for an application that may be opt for protein to follow elsewhere. Importantly network carbon arranged within a cell of life form mostly form of operation at nano scale. Arrangements that cell line operate cohesively in different manner appropriately for local satisfaction where global may be part of it otherwise call it as nano of micro meter arising from carbon alone, where as in the inorganic material opted to form rule of carbon where in other substances like SiO2 arranged in some fashion conducting electricity cohesively within the material which may be part of non conducting elements arranged for selected purpose of operation, one might think of nano level operation that account carbon rule of law otherwise call it as cell of other life form that might be interested in nano level operation for robo like skeleton that operate naturally in the universe rather than earth alone for organic man that operate locally limited to universal problem. Otherwise limits that control productivity ought to be addressed later on for selective purpose that manipulate internal coordination of other elements that one way or other interacting with global form of operation once in operation.

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