One of the most imperative safety instruments in any boiler (combustion) is flame scanner system. Flame scanner is used to find the flame monitoring and to give flame on/off status of burner to control system. Flame Scanner output is one of the valuable feedbacks to boiler automatic control system and also used to maintain the boiler steadiness and safety.Flame scanner system should be worked in accordance to NFPA 8502 (National Fire Protection Association) guidelines for gas, oil and pulverized coal systems. Most of the time flame scanner contacts are bypassed (or looped) by user, because scanner did not show the proper value of flame. Due to improper mixing of oil and atomizing agent in oil gun, mismatch ratio between flame and air flow, poor maintenance of oil gun (choke), inappropriate location of flame scanner detector head in burner or windbox and mismatch set point adjustment in amplifier unit of flame scanner. The fundamental idea of this paper is to give the reasonable thought of erection, commission, maintenance, operation and set point adjustment of flame scanner system for thermal power plant.

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