Students could represent their own mental model in explanation, description, formula, diagram, graph, pictures, and tasks in order to communicate their own ideas or understanding. The Model based inquiry allows students to inquiry scientific knowledge and communicate their knowledge in model based. The research aimed to examine Grade 7 mental model about properties of gas in science learning through model based inquiry (MBI). Participants included 36 Grade 7 Students. Methodology is qualitative research. Students’ mental model will be analyzed by considering on model, pictures, diagram, and explanation. These mental models then will be evaluated for completeness and incompleteness. The findings revealed majority of students communicated mental model as incompleteness in initial model. And, after intervention, they could generate completeness in their revised model. The paper will discuss discussion the type of mental model about properties of gas in prior and after intervention. This result means that model based inquiry (MBI) could support student’s mental model in scientific learning.

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