This research is aimed to find out the profile of the mathematics student’ science process skill in the even semester of the academic year of 2017/2018. Class F students are the population and sample in this research. In data collection phase, evaluation was conducted to gather data on students’ science process skills in Physics by providing observation sheet and test questions on skills. The statistical analysis employed to process the research data was descriptive statistical analysis. The results indicated that students did not demonstrate good ability in doing practicum or they were not skillful in certain aspects. This is evidenced by the way the practicum process was conducted which showed that student still needs evaluation and many of them gained low score that they needed to improve. This indicates that learning physics in some way is worth the attention for the formation of students’ understanding of the learning material in the class in terms of defining variables, measuring and processing data. Students should constantly delve into these three aspects in order to gain a better understanding of the material given.

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