The purpose of this research was to develop collaboration skills self-assessment test in a science subject for 8th grade students. The samples in this study were 50 students who were studying in the 8th grade in the first semester of the 2018 academic year from a school in Bangkok, Thailand, using purposive sampling. The collaboration skills composed of three aspects of student’s behaviors which were 1) the role of students toward themselves 2) the students’ behaviors toward the others and 3) students’ task management. The collaboration skills self-assessment test was a three-point rating scale test consisted of 15 items. The quality of the test was analyzed by using the Index of Consistency (IOC) and Cronbach’s alpha reliability coefficient. The overall process of development of the test revealed that the collaboration skills self-assessment test had the index of consistency mean scores between .67 to 1.00 which were in the acceptable range. The reliability of the test equaled .811 which was at a high level. The collaboration skills self-assessment test and research results are benefit to science teachers and other people who are interested in using this kind of test in order to be a guideline for developing and evaluating students’ collaboration skills in science subjects. This research is important in term of helping students to assess and perceive their collaboration skills which is one of the essential learning skills in the 21st century.

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