The cause of moon phase is seem to be complicated for student, such that they almost performed misconception when tested. This study investigated the effective of using metacognitive strategies for improving grade 8 student’s understanding in moon phase. There are 30 student participated in this study. The framework of the study is interpretive paradigm. The data were obtained from 3 open-ended question about cause of moon phase and interview. Their responses has been categorized into groups by considering to scientific concept. And it could be grouped into 7 categories as following: 1) The moon rotate around the earth. Difference position of the moon cause of difference illuminated. 2) The earth obstruct the light fall on the moon 3) Clouds cover part of the moon 4) The shadow of the earth fall on the moon 5) The illuminated of the sun has difference 6) Earth rotation 7) The moon rotate around the earth and the angle between Sun, Earth and Moon. The post-test had done soon after finished the metacognitive strategy approach. The categories group was decrease from 7 to 4 groups, the remains group were 1), 2), 5) and 7). The number of student in group 7, student with correct scientific concept, increased. In-depth interview and document analysis show that many student has planning, implementing and checking concept during learning by themselves. They claim this steps can help them to understand learning and thinking process and understanding better related concept. It could be the students use the metacognitive strategies in learning.

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