The data and interpret evidence scientifically competency is an important of scientific competences for scientific literacy because that for living in scientific community, people must have ability to analyze and evaluate data, claims and arguments in a variety of representations and draw appropriate scientific conclusions. However, result from the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) (revealed that Thai students’ interpret data and evidence scientifically competency score less than the mean score for PISA. Therefore, this research aims to use the science camp designed as place for enhancing scientifically literate person in informal setting. The science camp consisted of 4 activities :knowing your group, sinking and floating with local fruits, saving forest of our life, and science in daily life. The diverse participants were sixty-one students from 4th to 9th grade. The research instruments were the four activity plans, the worksheet as pre-post PISA-like test, the observation form of participants’ interpret data and evidence scientifically competency, and the attitude toward science questionnaire. The results showed that participants after participating in the activities of informal science camp developed their interpret data and evidence scientifically competency at level 3 which were higher than before at level 1a. Moreover, their attitudes toward science were highest level. This study expresses that designed informal environment as alternative environment to develop participants ’ science learning and scientifically competency for scientific literacy.

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