Functional films of supersaturated substitutional CdxPb1-xS solid solutions (0 < x < 0.24) were produced by the chemical bath chemical deposition method on the quartz glass. The cadmium content in the solid solution was determined by X-ray diffraction. The size of crystallites forming the film, the degree of their texture and the microstress sizes were also estimated. The dislocation density in the synthesized films was calculated by analyzing the anisotropy of microstresses. By the investigation of absorption spectra, the bandgap Eg of CdxPb1-xS solid solutions depending on the cadmium content (x) was determined. The variation of the bandgap of CdxPb1-xS provides the possibility of the effective control of photoelectric and optical characteristics of the deposited films in the spectral range of 0.4-3.0 µm.

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