The technology of self-forming of porous membranes with a system of ordered nanoscale (pore diameter of 20 nm and more) aluminum oxide-based capillaries electrochemical anodizing of aluminum foil tens of microns in thickness is proposed. It is established that the most important element of the technological process of forming a system of ordered through capillary membranes of nanoporous AOA is an artificial creation on the foil surface of a topological relief by mechanical phaseting of the surface, while the dominant technological, determining the diameter of aluminum nanoporphide, is the electrolyte composition. It has been established that optical spectroscopy of nanoporous membranes in a wide wavelength range (from 200 nm to 15 µm) provides their express distribution over basic geometric parameters, including the membrane thickness, average pore size and size distribution. IR radiation in the range from 8 to 14 µm, which corresponds to the spectral region of the infrared radiation of biological objects.

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