We synthesized 0.01 mol% of Mn2+ doped ZnS dilute magnetic semiconductor nanocrystals through co-precipitation method and characterized various spectral studies along with structural, morphological and magnetic properties. XRD analysis confirms the cubic zinc blend structure of ZnS, preferred orientation is along with (1 1 1) plane. The crystallite size is evaluated and equal to 3.2 nm. TEM images reveal microstructure of the sample seeing that like nanorods with spherical granules. The deposition of Mn2+ ions in host lattice is evidenced by EDS analysis. VSM measurement reveals that the prepared nanocrystals exhibit ferromagnetic behaviour at room temperature with coercivity (Hc), saturation magnetization (Ms) and remnant magnetization (Mr) values as 376.27 Oe, 30.11×10−3 emu/g and 3.331×10−3 emu/g respectively. The thermal steadiness of the prepared sample is characterized by TG-DTA analysis.

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