In recent years, fresh fruits and vegetables have been linked to numerous foodborne illnesses. Escherichia coli can be one of the pathogens which cause these diseases and outbreaks to consumers through consumption of contaminated food. A study was conducted to understand the probability of bacterial transfer in soil and barley leaves. E. coli from contaminated irrigation water was applied to sterilized barley seeds which grown in the laboratory. Two agriculture types, sterilized organic soil, and cotton pillow with drip irrigation method for plants cultivation. The results showed bacterial contamination of organic soil and cotton pillow. However, the organic soil was contaminated higher than a cotton pillow because it is rich in organic matter, and organic matter can carry bacteria. For barley leaves, the result showed no contamination by E. coli for seeds which grown on the cotton pillow, but leaves which grown on organic soil, there was contamination by E. coli. The study can be approved that bacteria may have gotten transported to the leaves through the root system, xylem, and phloem.

The original version of this article supplied to AIP Publishing contained an error in the first author’s name. The name originally appeared as, Darkazanli Mohamaad, but the correct spelling is Mohamad Darkazanli. An updated version of this article, with the author’s name corrected, was published on 26 February 2019.

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