The present study investigates the traversal of torsional wave at a corrugated interface between viscoelastic sandy medium and inhomogeneous half-space. In the lower half-space, the inhomogeneity has been assumed as an exponential variation in density and rigidity with respect to depth. We have taken the method of variable separation to obtain analytical solution of displacement components for layer and half-space. Consequently, we have obtained the wave velocity equation of torsional wave using sufficient boundary conditions. Moreover, the wave velocity equation has been reduced to the pre-established classical relationship of Love wave, when both the media are isotropic and homogeneous, as shown in special case. The comparative study of the influence of various parametric traits viz. sandiness, viscoelasticity, corrugated and inhomogeneity associated with the studied model on the traversal characteristics of torsional wave is one of the salient feature of the current investigation. The study may find its possible applications in various seismic prospecting techniques to analyse the nature of torsional wave propagation in the considered layered media.

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