In 2004, an earthquake and tsunami occured and destroyed thousands of houses in Aceh, so that there were housing built with hollow block concrete in some areas of Aceh. The hollow block concrete needs to be reviewed for the strength of its structure such as beams and columns. This study was specified to the bending strength of hollow block and then compared with normal reinforced concrete beams. The research was conducted by testing the reinforced concrete block material of hollow block and normal reinforced concrete that were loaded with capacity of 50 Ton. The samples of this study consisted of: Ringbalk Reinforcement Concrete (RRC), Ringbalk Hollow Block (RHB), Sloof Reinforcement Concrete (SRC), and Sloof Hollow Block (SHB) with beam size are: 150 mm x 200 mm x 2100 mm. In addition, TDS-302 data loggers and tranducers were used to read burden and deflection arising. From this research it was found that: the maximum deflection due to the RRC beam was 2,183 cm; RHB beam was 2,341 cm; SRC beam was 1.981 cm; and the SHB beam was 2,022 cm. RHB and SHB samples had a high deflection compared to RRC and SRC samples.

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