Pidie Jaya experienced 6.4 Mw earthquake on 7th December 2016. Many roads were destroyed during the earthquake. In this experiment, an extensive analysis on the local soil types including expansive soil and its behaviors which were used as a road embankment were conducted. Soil samples were taken from Jangka Buya Village Ulee Glee Pidie Jaya. The location for soil sample was chosen because the soils in this area have been used widely for constructional purposes in Pidie Jaya District, Aceh Indonesia. To address the requirements data of expansive soil analysis, there are some physical and mechanical tests of soil parameters were conducted. Standard Proctor test and swelling modified test were part of the test to obtain the mechanical parameters and swelling rate of soil. Three sets of water conditions regarding to the optimum moisture content (OMC) were set from Proctor standard namely OMC at – 5%, OMC, and OMC at +5%. The results show that the value of OMC +5% reached the uplift force peak value of 3.155 kg in the average and 1.098 cm of swelling. In addition, the value of OMC uplift force was 2.466 kg of average of three tests and the swelling soil was 0.868 cm. The estimation of this swelling soil rate in Pidie Jaya area is important for initial survey and data stages as well as the bases for additional determination to obtain more accurate data used in construction and rehabilitation in Pidie Jaya district after the large earthquake.

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