The role of road as land transportation infrastructure is important, thus it must be well managed through the preservation program. The problems faced along national roads in Aceh Province are both functional condition and road structure which are often damage before the design periods or the quality achievements are not complied. The road damages are caused by improper design, poor performance of the contractor, less supervision and improper strategy of road preservation. The proper preservation program of the road can serve the users according to the design period. This research aims to identify the most dominant factor of the contractor’s performance influencing preservation quality achievement of the road using long segment in Aceh Province. The observation is carried out to the owner, contractors, and the supervision consultants who have engaged or being involved in road preservation project from 2016 – 2017, since that the road preservation policy has just been implemented from 2016. The independent variables in this research are contractor’s performance factors consisting of worker, material, equipment, working method and quality test standard factor. Meanwhile the dependent variable is road preservation quality achievement using long segment, that is handling in the boundary of one segment length which is continues. The research result shows that the most dominant factors of contractor’s performance influencing the quality achievement in long segment road preservation in Aceh Province is quality test standard factor. It means that if the contractor improves quality test standard factor, the quality achievement of long segment road preservation will also be improved. This factor can be handled by the accuracy of material and work quality test schedule, competency of the laboratory skill, watching the technical condition of quality test equipment, using the good type of quality test equipment, calibrating the component of quality test equipment and regular calibration of Asphalt Mixing Plant.

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