In these days, many people have their own cars to make the life easier. Unfortunately, the fuel price has increased week by week. To solve this problem, the hybrid solar energy and electric cars are introduced in order to reduce the consumption of car fuel. The main objective of this project is to design a system with two inputs of energy sources in generating the power for electric vehicle. This paper provides the solution of the problems that have been faced by electric car users. Besides the electric-vehicle battery (EVB) has been charged by connecting the vehicle to an external power supply, the solar panel roof is the alternative solution as a secondary energy input of source. The rooftops is opened when the light intensity is more than 10 lux. At 50% of battery consumption, the warning alarm will be displayed and the motor speed is automatically reduced to ensure the lengthen journey. This project is developed by using Graphic user Interface (GUI) of Visual Basic (VB) in order to control and monitor the energy used and stored into lithium ion battery. Other than that, the Arduino is used for interfacing between hardware and Arduino IDE software. The whole system is able to provide benefits to car users in planning a proper journey.

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