This paper describes the design and analytical study of tubular linear electromagnetic pulsing motor (EMPM) model with the high response characteristic to suit the electric vehicle (EV) application. The new tubular linear EMPM model based on the working principle of the reciprocating motion, which can eliminate problems related to internal combustion engines such as engine weight and friction where fewer components are used. In this paper, the tubular linear EMPM model has established a mathematical model by equivalent magnetic circuits and permeance analysis methods, which it the same technique as the electric circuit. Furthermore, the magnetic force of the coil and plunger rod was calculated; the design of the electromagnetic tubular linear EMPM is focused on engineering finite element analysis 3D Maxwell software. Finally, the simulation result of tubular linear EMPM are measured the plunger force is ∼37.2KN, thrust is ∼60Nm, plunger distance is 75mm, motor speed is ∼7500RPM and power motor is ∼12.3KW. at current supply 200A. Thus, the graph result shows the comparison between a theoretical and finite element of analysis tubular linear EMPM.

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