In order to analyses the numerical analysis, parameters are very important in the mathematical modelling work. The correspondence output between mathematical modelling and real system is depending on the given parameters. In this paper, estimation and calibration method of brushless DC (BLDC) motor parameters that used in Electric Powered Wheelchair (EPW) through experimental and simulation comparison are proposed. The setup of experiment consists of in-wheel BLDC motor with a driver, 36-volt battery, Arduino microcontroller, speed sensor and current measurement tool. Firstly, the initial parameters of motor are estimated by using related equation and fitting curve method. Then, initial estimated parameters are simulated in EPW modelling. Finally, parameters of the BLDC motor are calibrated according to output speed of modelling and real DC motor using Matlab-Parameter Estimation tool. Result of error shows that the modelling and real EPW output speed is 2.7% after calibration. In conclusion, the calibrated parameters verified to use in modelling and for the further work in designing the control for the EPW.

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