This paper deals with the study on wear behavior of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) with liquid silicon rubber reinforced with fine silica powder by pin-on-disc test rig. Hybrid GFRP composite laminates are prepared by compression molding technique at constant process parameters like Pressure: 100kgf, Temperature: 50 °C and Time: 40 min. The tests are performed as per the ASTM standards G 99-95. The variables: load, speed and time are optimized by making use of Taguchi technique. The results shows that, wear rate is more in material having weight fraction 50:50 from fiber to matrix than in material having 60:40 weigh fraction. The wear resistant is more in material -1(60% GFRP+32% LY556 Resin+4%SR+4% Silica Powder) having 60:40 weight to matrix ratio. The results were validated by confirmation test by experimental and comparing with predicted results from the regression model.

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