The potential of metallic nanofiller reinforcement in the carbon fabric reinforced thermoset polymers for bettering the abrasive put on resistance has no longer been explored so far. Hence a sequence of 5 composites of epoxy (Ep) matrix bolstered with high strength carbon fabric (CF/Ep) and aluminium (Al) and zinc (Zn) nanoparticles (0.5 and 1 wt. %) used to be fabricated by hand layup method and three-body abrasive put on overall performance of these composites alongside with the mono-composite (CF/Ep) was once evaluated. A composite slab used to be abraded against free silica sand particles under unique loads/distances. It used to be determined that both Al and Zn nanofillers revealed extensive potential to improve abrasion resistance of mono-composites. The hardness of the composites, however, should no longer be correlated with the abrasive wear performance. Worn surface evaluation by scanning electron microscope on the other hand, helped to correlate the abrasive wear performance of the composites with the worn surface topography, failure of fibers, resin and their interface. Difference in the failure-mode of the fibers/fillers used to be notion to be broadly speaking accountable for controlling the abrasive put on performance of the epoxy composites.

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