In many todays engineering application, hybrid composites with two or more reinforcement of high strength are more demanding. In hybrid composites, the composite properties easily controlled for possible extent by the selection of fibers and matrix by adjusting fabric layers arrangement. In this work, we report the development of carbon-Kevlar/Epoxy hybrid composites in hand layup using vacuum bagging approach followed with post curing and investigate its characteristics of inter-laminar shear strength for the various sequences, so that the scope of use of newly developed composites might be proven. Short beam tests were conducted on the hybrid composites of different arrangements of Carbon and Kevlar reinforcements in epoxy matrix. Property considered for studying the composites are Inter-laminar shear strength. The experimental data and study revealed that Carbon-Kevlar/Epoxy hybrid composite with carbon reinforcements as a face sheets have significant effect on the Inter-laminar shear strength when compared to the other arrangements.

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