The prime objective of this investigation is to systematically develop the fiber reinforced polymeric hybrid nano composites with tailored morphology in order to achieve high tensile strength and interfacial bonding. Conceptual approach of hybridizing the composite is to tailor the properties to meet the desired strength requirements and overall economy of the material. Furthermore, functionalized multi walled carbon nano tubes (MWCNTs) added as particulate reinforcement inclusion by homogenization using ultrasonic dispersion technique into epoxy resin. The tensile properties of Carbon fiber and Glass fiber Reinforced Plastics (G-CFRP) hybrid composite was investigated and compared with the nano reinforcement of COOH functionalized multi walled carbon nano tubes (MWCNTs) at different volume fractions, similarly for G-KFRP compared with same grades of MWCNT integrations. In the investigation, it was found that tensile strength of composite is proportional to the volume fraction of high modulus and low modulus fibers. In turn, by introducing, the CNTs enhanced the interlaminar bonding strength of the composite; hence, tensile strength was intensified in the composites. Addition of MWCNTs in G-CFRP composites by 0.5%, 1.0% and 1.5% volume fraction enhanced the tensile strength by 24%, 35% and 26 % and Young’s modulus by 10%, 38% and 34% respectively. Whereas in G-KFRP composites, strength was increased by 16%, 31%, 27% and Young’s Modulus by 36%, 60% and 52% respectively.

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