The mechanical failure behavior of fiber reinforced polymer composites is extremely basic to the designing applications. The crack modes and failure modes of the components under strain must be completely comprehended with an end goal to understand the different load carrying capacity of such composites. The present study shows preparation of density graded E-glass fiber laminates (DGL) addition of Multi walled carbon nano-tube by weight percentage and mechanical property evaluation of density graded FRP made of E-Glass fiber and polyester resin filled with varying concentration of MWCNT powder. The property evaluation involves tensile strength, flexural strength and Intra laminar strength. The obtained test results show that MWCNT content significantly affect the different properties of laminates. Tensile, Flexural and inter-laminar Strength values of MWCNT content specimens show increasing trend compared to non MWCNT content specimens. Hence MWCNT content specimens Show best results compared to non-MWCNT filler content ones, because of better bonding between matrix and reinforcement. Scanning electron microscopy shows the dispersion of nano tubes in matrix.

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