This paper is concerned with the comprehensive procedure of preparing, morphological characterization and thermal property evaluation of nanoparticle blended polymer composites. Polymer composites are intended to consecrate the thermal energy storage applications. Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) is incorporated with functionalized graphene with different concentrations (1, 3 and 5%). The morphological study revealed compatibility of polymer composites, at lower concentrations (1-3%,) it shows homogenous dispersion, but above threshold limit the particle distribution is non-homogenous with coarse surface structures. Higher concentration (5%) of nanoparticles emulsifies the molecules and generates micelles between themselves. The thermal conductivity of the polymer composite is significantly enhanced with the reduction of specific heat. At lower concentrations polymer exhibits homogeneous dispersion and the interfacial interaction is comparatively higher, optimal concentration (3%,) of nanoparticle provides favorable results and hence polymer composites with ideal concentration can be utilized for thermal energy storage applications.

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