Nowadays researchers are looking out for biodegradable materials alternate to petroleum-based materials due to many global issues. Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) cross-linked with Glutaraldehyde (GA) polymer have found widespread applications in light-weight structures in replacement of non-biodegradable polymers. The PVA cross-linked with GA polymers were prepared using a conventional compression type molding technique. Dynamic Mechanical Analysis has been carried out to evaluate the tensile storage and loss modulus, tan delta, and elongation, in the temperature range of 25-160°C. The results exhibit improvement of thermo-mechanical properties at higher temperatures due to GA crosslinking. Experimental results indicate that the tensile storage and loss modulus were improved due to GA crosslinking. The elongation of PVA-GA decrease considerably with GA crosslinking. The shore D hardness improves with crosslinking up to 20% GA, and further marginal increase in hardness beyond 20% GA crosslinking.

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