In this work, the dynamic instability analysis of a rotating CNT reinforced fiber reinforced polymer (CNTFRP) composite plate is performed under in-plane periodic loads. The elastic properties of CNTFRP composite plate are obtained using the modified Halpin-Tsai equations and the two phase micromechanical approach. The governing differential equations of motion of the rotating fiber reinforced polymer composite (FRP) plate without and with addition of CNT are derived in the finite element formulation using first order shear deformation (FSDT) by incorporating the effects of pre-stress induced stiffness and displacement-dependent stiffness due to steady state rotation. The validity of developed finite element model is studied by comparing the fundamental natural frequency and dynamic instability regions using present FEA with those available in literature. Various parametric studies are also performed to study the effect of CNT volume fraction and CNT aspect ratio on the dynamic instability regions of CNTFRPC plate. It was seen that the primary and secondary dynamic instability regions of the composite plate are significantly influenced by CNT volume fraction.

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