Herein, for the synthesis of zinc oxide (ZnO) nanowires on glass substrate, a simple thermal evaporation way has been used and their microstructural, morphological and gas sensing properties has been steadily deliberate and reported. XRD investigation reveals the formation of hexagonal wurtzite crystal structure of ZnO. Scanning electron microscope evidently demonstrates the sensor film composed of nanowires. As-prepared ZnO nanowires are utilized for detection of lethal nitrogen dioxide (NO2) gas. The ZnO nanowires sensor exhibit utmost response of 51% towords NO2 gas @ operating temperature of 200°C alongside the quick response and recovery time. In adding up, ZnO sensors also respond to an extremely tiny coverage of NO2 gas. Furthermore, the prepared ZnO nanowires sensor achieves admirable reproducibility and stability in phrase of gas response. Finally, the dealings of NO2 gas molecules with ZnO nanowire sensor has lucratively been studied, thrash out by take up an impedance spectroscopy measurement.

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