The paper presents the experimental data observed in the microstructure and phase composition of ultrafine-grained Ti–40 mass % Nb (Ti40Nb) alloy after high-temperature annealings. The ultrafine-grained Ti40Nb alloy is produced by severe plastic deformation (SPD). This method includes multiple abc-pressing and multi-pass rolling followed by further pre-recrystallizing annealing which, in its turn, enhances the formation of ultrafine-grained structures with mean size of 0.28 µm involving stable β- and α-phase and metastable nanosized ω-phase in the alloy. It is shown that annealing at 500°C preserves the ultrafine-grained structure and phase composition. In cases of annealing at 800°C the ultrafine-grained state transforms into the coarse-grained state. The stable β-phase and the nanosized metastable ω-phase have been identified in the coarse-grained structure.

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