This research is mainly about comparisons of reinforced concrete structure design based on Eurocode 2 and British Standard 8110. The reinforcement concrete element is designed by referring Eurocode 2 (EN1992-1-1) and British Standard 8110 (BS8110-1:1997) for comparing purpose. The work examples of the structural elements has been done in this research to obtain the area of reinforcement required. The differences in procedure, formula and result of area of steel required for the elements based on both of the codes are compared and tabulated. In this research, there are five part of reinforced concrete structure elements are designed which are continuous beams, one way slabs, braced and short column, pile cap, and cantilever retaining wall. From the result acquired, it shows that area of reinforcement required based on EC 2 is lesser than BS 8110 and the dimension required based on BS8110 is larger than EC 2. Meanwhile, the design based on Eurocode 2 came out with more economical structural elements compare to BS 8110 as lesser steel and concrete volume required.

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