Copper oxide nanoparticles (CuO NPs) are interesting class of materials having multifunctional properties with promising applications in the areas of catalysts, gas sensors, batteries, magnetic storage media, solar energy, superconductors etc. Thus synthesis of CuO NPs has attracted tremendous interest to scientists and researchers Herein, we reported a green and simple method for biosynthesizing CuO NPs using banana peel extract as reducing and stabilizing agent. XRD, EDX, FE-SEM, FTIR have been used for characterization of biosynthesized CuO NPs. The results indicating that the CuO NPs synthesized by banana peel extract have high purity and the average particles size is 60 nm. The photocatalytic activity of the CuO NPs has been investigated by degradation of Congo red (CR) dye under solar irradiation. The extent of CR dye degradation by CuO NPs is monitored by using a UV-visible spectrophotometer. Due to the smaller size and high purity, the biosynthesized CuO NPs showed an excellent photocatlytic activity.

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