Learning software is a teaching aid which is often used in schools to increase students’ motivation, attract students’ attention and also improve the quality of teaching and learning process. However, the development of learning software should be followed the phases in Instructional Design (ID) Model, therefore the process can be carried out systematic and orderly. Thus, this concept paper describes the application of ADDIE model in the development of mathematics learning courseware for learning Line and Angle named CBL-Math. ADDIE model consists of five consecutive phases which are Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. Each phase must be properly planned in order to achieve the objectives stated. Other than to describe the processes occurring in each phase, this paper also demonstrating how cognitive theory of multimedia learning principles are integrated in the developed courseware. The principles that applied in the courseware reduce the students’ cognitive load while learning the topic of line and angle. With well prepared development process and the integration of appropriate principles, it is expected that the developed software can help students learn effectively and also increase students’ achievement in the topic of Line and Angle.

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