Targeting energy savings in buildings, photovoltaics and other sectors, significant research activity is nowadays focused on the production of spectral selective nanocoatings. In the present study an ITO coating on glass substrate is prepared from ITO powder, characterized and analysed. The spectral transmittance and reflectance of the ITO coated glass and of two other commercially developed ITO coatings on glass substrate were measured and compared. Furthermore, a simulation algorithm was developed to determine the optical properties of the ITO coatings in the visible, solar and near infrared regions in order to assess the impact of the ITO coatings in the energy performance of buildings, and particularly the application in smart windows. In addition, the current density produced by a PV assuming each of the ITO coated glass served as a cover was computed, in order to assess their effect in PV performance. The preliminary ITO coating prepared and the two other coatings exhibit different optical properties and, thus, have different impact on energy performance. The analysis assists in a better understanding of the desired optical properties of nanocoatings for improved energy performance in PV and buildings.

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