In this paper is presented a 2D approach to finite element modeling and an analytical calculus of a single lap bonded joint. As adherent material were selected a sheet of wood, aluminum and titanium. For adhesive part were selected Bison Super Wood D3 in case of the wood single lap joint and an epoxy resin type DGEBA-TETA for gluing together aluminum and titanium parts. In the article is described a combined method, which consists in the placement of the piezoelectric actuator inside of the adhesive part, in order to determine the tensile stress in the overlap joint. A comparison between the analytical and numerical results has been achieved through a multiphysics modeling - electrical and mechanical coupled problem. The technique used to calculate the mechanical parameters (First Principal Stress, displacements) was the three-point bending test, where different forces were applied in the mid-span of the structure, in order to maintain a constant displacement rate. The length of the overlap joint was modified from 20 to 50 mm.

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