The material polymer functionalized on SPE have been developed by ion- imprinted polymer. The ion-polymer with zircon ion as imprint ions were synthesized via bulk polymerization methods by forming binary complex Zr-Xylenol orange in 2-methoxy ethanol and copolymerizing in the presence of styrene as a monomer functional, divinyl benzene as a monomer cross-linker, and peroxide as an initiator. The zircon-imprinted polymer produced the porous polymer. It was indicated that zircon ion imprints were released under conditioning. The polymer particles both prior to and after leaching have been characterized by IR, SEM-EDS, TEM, and pore size. Incorporation of network polymer using divinyl benzene as the cross-linker were performances tested on zircon ion extraction, and the optimum of the mole ratio of styrene/DVB was observed about 1. The decrease of percent extraction of zircon ion when the mole ration of styrene/divinyl benzene < 1, due to the pores as binding sites of polymers were covered, and it was evidenced by the decrease in total pore volume.

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