The primary objective of this work is to create an all sky extinction map of the Milky Way galaxy. We have cross-matched the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS data release 8) photometric observations with that of Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX data release 6). This provides a wide range of wavelength coverage from Far Ultra-Violet through the optical spectrum and gives one unique SDSS source for every GALEX source. We discuss a sample of ∼32000 objects in the north galactic pole (≥75° latitude) from this combined database. The Castelli and Kurucz Atlas was fit to the photometric observations of each star, best fit being determined using a chi-square test. Best fit parameters provide the spectral type and extinction towards each of the objects. The shift in magnitude obtained during the best-fit can be used to determine the distance to each of the stars. With this data, a comprehensive extinction map can be made for the high-latitude objects and later extended to all-sky.

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