The Pan-STARRS project is operated by an international consortium. Located in Haleakala, Hawaii, the Pan-STARRS telescope system patrols the entire visible sky several times a month, with an aim to identify and characterize varying celestial objects of phenomena or in brightness (supernovae, novae, variable stars, etc) or in position (comets, asteroids, near-earth objects, X-planet etc.) PS1 science mission has started officially from May, 2010 and expects to end in the end of 2013. As of early 2012, every patch of sky observable from Hawaii has been observed in at least 5 bands (g’, r’, i’, z’, y’) for 5 to 40 epochs. We have set up a data depository at NCU to serve the users in Taiwan. The massive amounts of Pan-STARRS data are downloaded via Internet from the Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii whenever new observations are obtained and processed. So far we have stored a total of 200 TB worth of data. In addition to star/galaxy catalogs, a postage stamp server provides access to FITS images. The Pan-STARRS Published Science Products Subsystem (PSPS) has recently passed its operational readiness, that provides users to query individual PS1 measurements. Here we present the data query tool to interface with the PS1 catalogs and postage stamp images, together with other complementary databases such as 2MASS and other data at IRSA (NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive).

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