The existence of the Antiproton Source at Fermilab makes practical the possibility that a new low energy (below 10 GeV) antinucleon physics facility be located at Fermilab. To that end, a workshop was organized to clearly indentify the interesting physics that could potentially be investigated at such a facility. Three major physics areas were emphasized as being in the forefront of experimental and theoretical research. The first probes the origins of the Standard Model and includes test of CP, T, and CPT symmetries as well as ΔS=ΔQ. The other two areas probe the dynamics of confinement in QCD and include Heavy Quark Spectroscopy (e.g. Charmonium) and Detailed Measurements of Exclusive Final States in p̄p Annihilation (e.g. glueballs, CP exotics BB̄ resonances, etc.). In addition, the physics of many other significant fields were discussed. These atomic physics, annihilation mechanism studies, hyperon physics, and others. A working group has been formed to pursue the goal of formally proposing a facility at Fermilab.

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