In 1998, [2] pointed out the big difference for the S34(0) ('old' experimental data) when experimental results were grouped starting from the main two methods: S34(0) = 0.507(16)keVb for the direct capture and S34(0) = 0.572(26)keVb for the activation. Its importance for the Standard Solar Model was the reason to ask for new measurements to understand the discrepancy. 'New' results [4]solved this issue by equalizing the above values, but introduced a new situation to clarify: a discrepancy between the S34(E) variations for 'old' and 'new' data at higher energies than ECM = 1.0MeV. 'Old' theoretical models, used for extrapolating the S34(E) to the stellar energies, couldn't explain this new behavior. New experimental data [3, 5] was required, again, by theorists. We started this project with the main goal to clarify the situation. Here are the results.

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