Growth of ZnO on graphite rods by low temperature hydrothermal technique is described. ZnO nanostructures were grown at 90°C in an aqueous precursor on bare and seeded graphite. Thermodynamically active sites along the grain boundaries on graphite surface initiated scattered nucleation of ZnO leading to the formation of a bunched structure. The uniformity of nucleation and of nanorod size distribution could be achieved by modifying the graphite surface with a seed layer. Electron microscopy demonstrated that closely packed nanorods were formed nearly normal to the surface of the graphite rod. ZnO nanorods having fairly uniform diameter and length were grown that way. X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy revealed that the ZnO nanorods were single crystal, and oriented along the c-axis. The as grown ZnO nanorods exhibited strong band edge luminescence and weak deep level emissions.

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