The numerical study is centered around the drying of deformable porous media. The physical model used for simulation is a saturated isotropic deformable porous media. Walls of the considered sample are maintained to a convective heat flux. The sample is saturated with two phases, (solid and liquid phases). The water is evaporated via the top and bottom walls of the sample. The model for the energy transport was based on the local thermal equilibrium assumption, between the liquid and the solid phases. The liquid flow is induced by a pressure gradient basing on the Darcy-Brikmann extended model. The obtained governing system equation is solve by the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM), it is a new method for simulating and modeling the heat and mass transfer and has also been successfully applied to flow in porous media. A comprehensive analysis of the influence of the Darcy number, the thermal conductivity ratio and the heat capacity ratio on thermal field is also investigated throughout this work.

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