This paper presents the research work conducted to investigate the dynamics characteristics of the offshore riser pipeline due to vortex flow and to develop a model that could predict its vortex induced responses. Glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) pipe is used for this study which has smaller density from the steel. A two-dimensional finite element computational method is implemented to describe the dynamic behavior of the riser. The governing equation of motion was based on Hamilton's principle, consists of the strain energy due to bending and axial deformation, kinetic energy due to both riser and internal fluid movement and also external force from currents and waves. A direct integration method namely Newmark integration scheme is proposed to solve the equation of motion. A MATLAB program code was developed to obtain the simulation results. The natural frequency and damping ratio are presented for each mode. Dynamic response of riser is shown in time-domain and the numerical results are discussed. Several parameter effects are used to investigate dynamic responses and the results show an agreement with the theory. Vortex shedding phenomenon also has been discussed in this paper. As a conclusion, the simulation results have successfully shown the vortex induced vibration responses for GRP pipeline.

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