The muon science facility (MUSE, abbreviation of MUon Science Establishment ), along with the neutron, hadron, and neutrino facilities, is located in the Materials and Life Science Facility (MLF), which is a building integrated to include both neutron and muon science programs. On the November, 2009 beam cycle, we achieved extraction of the world’s strongest pulsed muon beam at J‐PARC MUSE by beam tuning at the Decay‐Surface muon beam line (D‐line). Surface muons (μ+) as much as 1.8×106/s were extracted with the use of 120 kW of protons from the Rapid Cycle Synchrotron (RCS), which corresponds to 1.5×107/s surface muons when a future proton beam reached at the intensity of 1MW. These intensities, at the future 1 MW operation, will correspond to more than ten times those at the RIKEN‐RAL Muon facility.

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