Spectroscopic studies of nuclei in the A∼250,Z∼100 region provide critical input to theoretical models that attempt to describe the structure and stability of the heaviest elements. We report here on new spectroscopic studies in the N = 150,151 nuclei 244,245Pu.(Z = 94). Excitations in these nuclei on the neutron‐rich side of the valley of stability, accessed via inelastic and transfer reactions, complement fusion‐evaporation studies of Z≥100 nuclei. States in 244,245Pu were populated using 47Ti and 208Pb beams incident on a 244Pu target, with delayed and prompt gamma rays detected by the Gammasphere array. The new results are discussed in the context of emerging systematics of one‐ and two‐quasiparticle excitations in N≥150 nuclei.

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