For more than 20 years researchers have been interested in developing micro‐gas sensors based on silicon technology. Most of the reported devices are based on micro‐hotplates, however they use materials that are not CMOS compatible, and therefore are not suitable for large volume manufacturing. Furthermore, they do not allow the circuitry to be integrated on to the chip. CMOS compatible devices have been previously reported. However, these use polysilicon as the heater material, which has long term stability problems at high temperatures. Here we present low power, low cost SOI CMOS NO2 sensors, based on high stability single crystal silicon P+ micro‐heaters platforms, capable of measuring gas concentrations down to 0.1 ppm. We have integrated a thin tungsten molybdenum oxide layer as a sensing material with a foundry‐standard SOI CMOS micro‐hotplate and tested this to NO2. We believe these devices have the potential for use as robust, very low power consumption, low cost gas sensors.

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