Electromagnetic field measurements have been performed using the method of Very Low Frequency tilt angle pattern in Jaboi, Sabang. A site survey was conducted and carried out to indentify the anomalies of location, depth and geometry of hydrothermal based on tilt angle measurement and ellipse. Objective of this study is to see the response of the magnetic and electric field in relation to location, depth and hydrothermal geometry. The devices of T‐VLF‐R IRIS was used in this study, while the (NWC) station was selected as main station and (JJF4) station was selected as comparison station. The electromagnetic field survey was recorded for a line spanned as long as 900 meters at the interval of 10 meter depth. The results of this study show the greatest anomaly occurred at line interval between 400–600 meters with a depth of 10–140 meters. Anomaly pattern of each depth shows that the propagation pattern of hydrothermal is in the form of vertical pipe flow.

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